The Further Story

FURTHER Products is owned and operated by Megan & Marshall Dostal, with occasional after-school help from their 10 year old son.

For years, Marshall, a guy who drove a biodiesel fueled automobile and brought his own shopping bags to the market way before it was fashionable, picked-up depleted waste grease from some of America’s finest restaurants. He then converted it into biofuel in a make-shift lab inside the family garage.


Marshall's 1984 Mercedes 300D runs on biofuel


One day Megan, a former event planner for Vogue Magazine, walked into the garage and became alarmed at what her husband had accumulated: drums of glycerin, a byproduct of the biofuel distillation process. Megan stared at her grease-covered soul mate and lovingly suggested he clean up his act.

That's when Marshall decided to take things one-step FURTHER. He put the glycerin to use by creating a hand soap – Megan loved the idea, but was not a fan of the smell. So she joined the team and got to work.



Megan's grease-covered soul mate


Together, they developed a signature fragrance from the oils of Bergamot, Olive, and grasses to create a scent that is at once clean, fresh and sweetly aromatic. The restaurants that provided the waste grease started using the soap, and FURTHER Products was born.

Today, Marshall still picks-up waste grease from local restaurants but the biofuel is created in a warehouse, not the garage. And Megan has traded-in her SUV for a vintage diesel wagon and Marshall's biofuel now powers two family cars and one company truck.

The soap has been joined by a hand lotion, a dish soap, two candles and a bar soap!

FURTHER Products are available at fine hotels, restaurants and retailers nationwide.



Marshall, Wyatt, and Megan