1 gallon - Further Soap Refill (online exclusive)

Our natural soap is derived from making biofuel. Marshall picks up used vegetable oil from some of the nation’s finest restaurants and then processes it in our warehouse. The biofuel goes into our cars and the glycerin goes into our glycerin soap. Then we take our natural soap back to the restaurants that provided the oil and voila - a perfect, sustainable circle.

And now, no more tossing your empty bottles of Further Soap in to the recycling bin - now you can simply refill! As a reminder, 1 gallon = 128 ounces!

We hope you enjoy using our fresh smelling sustainable glycerin soap as much as we like making it. 

Funny Story: Marshall’s sister, Mary, remains convinced that Further glycerin soap keeps her rings more sparkly than jewelry cleaner – she has also used it to remove pasta sauce from a shirt and wax from a tablecloth. She’s a big fan.

  • Further glycerin soap is biodegradable.
  • Further sustainable soap has a signature fragrance made from oils of bergamot, olive, and exotic grasses.
  • Further natural soap is made from the glycerin derived from the distillation of biofuel.
  • Further glycerin soap is never tested on animals.

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