9 oz. Glass Candle – Further Soy Candle

"Spark it up!"* A subtle addition to any decor, our glass soy candle works in any room you want looking chic and smelling wonderful.

The Further soy candle will not only leave your room smelling fragrant and warm, but will freshen your conscience and inspire your soul.

Our natural soy candles are made from purified waste grease from Mario Batali's MOZZA Restaurant. Marshall picks up used grease from Mario Batali’s restaurant and then processes it in our warehouse to make sustainable soy candles.

  • Our natural soy candle has a signature fragrance made from the oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses.
  • Burns for 50-55 hours.

* We were once at a (really, quite elegant) wedding and right after the bride and groom kissed, a man from the back called out "Spark it up!" He, obviously, had something other than our candle on his mind, but for some reason whenever I light a candle I think of this guy - and his desire to get the party started, pronto. - Megan


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